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Innovation is a critical source of future competitive advantage for elected officials and appointed officials. Constituencies at the polls have time and time again issue their dissatisfaction with the status quo. Therefore, the ability to consistently develop and build upon new ideas has a direct impact on the life-expectancy of officials and on revenue growth. A revenue growth we define only as non-tax revenue. If Social Security is the "Third Rail" of national politics; tax increase is local government's death wish.
Yet, while all new-comers to the political area want to be labeled innovation leaders, the legislative pit-falls or budget restraints stifle a newly elected stake holders success.
More and more public service professionals have focused their attention to innovation outsourcing. That is relying on outside resources not just for service delivery, but for real economic development and for leading edge ideas. If local and area officials rely on only local innovation as the norm, how can they keep their office holders edge? And what's to stop local innovation "partners" from turning the tables and becoming the expected contender for your office?

Awareness is part of the problem. Officials with either a myriad of tasks or an obligated reliance on management, simply do not know that other good ideas exist, and are sometimes afraid to ask. Elected and appointed officials need to create "hubs" for idea sharing. Innovative Government Strategies was created for that purpose. Beyond getting colleagues talking and creating a dialogue at a conference, we bring ideas proven to work.

Innovation is so important to government that many local and area councils of government have established roles such as Director of Regional Planning, or are in the process of setting up dedicated development teams. However, applying depleting resources is a commitment many governments can ill afford or, due to other internal factors, are not willing to assign quality people to work full-time on an innovation process or specific new projects.

We know the value of innovation and how to deliver sound economically viable projects. To better manage expectations, we offer only performance based agreements. Measurable and quantifiable in real terms, it guarantees that local funds will not be obligated, depleted, or used in order to pursue an idea or development venture!


In one local government, providing detention bed space to the federal government, we found that the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA), which had been in place for years, did not reimburse the local government's increased costs over time. A renegotiation of that agreement increased that daily rate in excess of 60%! New non-tax revenue!

In another local community, we found them suffering under a 28% unemployment rate and a water utility district with 60% excess capacity. This local government lay stagnant with an economically blighted area. We were able to attract a federally sponsored and guaranteed facility using NO local funds. The local government is now realizing a 25% increase in general revenue, local unemployment is now in single digits, and the facility contracted for the entire surplus capacity of the water district. New non-tax revenue!

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