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In one local government, providing detention bed space to the federal government, we found that the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA), which had been in place for years, did not reimburse the local government's increased costs over time. A renegotiation of that agreement increased that daily rate in excess of 60%! New non-tax revenue and delivered without expending local general funds!


In another local community, we found them suffering under a 28% unemployment rate and a water utility district with 60% excess capacity. The local unit of government  was having to furlough public service employees on a rotation basis. This local government lay stagnant with an economically blighted area. We were able to attract a federally sponsored and guaranteed facility using NO local funds. The local government has now realizing a 25% increase in general revenue, local unemployment is now in single digits, and the facility contracted for the entire surplus capacity of the water district. New non-tax revenue and delivered without expending local general funds!


In a Southern Arizona local unit of government their ad valorem tax had been almost totally allocated to water and sewer services and law enforcement. Located in an Agricultural area forging forward against the desert climate and adjoining we developed and deliver a federally funded, locally operated facility. increasing the police presence while reimbursing local government for facility use and resource capacity. All delivered with non-recourse revenue bonds. New non-tax revenue, and delivered without expending local general funds!


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